Corporate Team Building

Drumming, An Activity Anyone Can Enjoy

We work directly with all clients to customise your team building event, serve your goals and to reinforce your themes and values. The TeamSamba ethos is about encouraging individuals to work with others towards a common goal.

The uniqueness of TeamSamba is that everybody gets to play a percussive instrument and is free to let go and have as much fun as possible.

How It Works

When the group enter the room, they will be greeted by a huge drum circle including big bass drums, African hand drums, Irish bodhráns, shakers and many more.

Everybody then chooses an instrument to play. Once everyone has their chosen drum, the group begins to collectively build the Samba Groove. There will also be time given for the group to come up with their own ideas to add to the piece.

All materials and drums are provided and our experienced facilitators will ensure everyone plays an integral part in the overall group performance.

Finally, no experience is needed and anybody, any age can benefit enormously From TeamSamba. We create an environment in which even the most rhythmically-challenged will be able to find and follow the beat.

How Long Are Our Team Building Workshops?

The workshops can last from one hour to a whole day and we can cater to any number of participants.

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